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etc., not to mention the more personal matters that come up of their hurt feelings or social dramas that came into play. Find great Riverdale, NJ real estate professionals on Zillow like Indira Anita Stansfield of Blue Realty, GMAC blah, blah, blah. I’ve found through the last few projects that I feel like my own worst enemy: I have to write something that will be good enough to compete with the works of Anita Stansfield, and some of those books were pretty darn good; some better than others, of course. View Anita Stansfield’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. I know of more than one of these people who would like to be able to continue to attend church, even though they’ve chosen a lifestyle contrary to the Church’s doctrine and policy. There was also an attitude presented that seemed to imply that all of the people with struggles were “out there somewhere” when this woman knew that she was far from the only person in the room who was struggling. I just forget sometimes in the midst of the daily struggles. Our value as a human being is not based on our performance, or our abilities or accomplishments; and it’s certainly not based on the free agency of other people and their choices. Click on Dickens to read her latest installment. We get angry with people when they have hurt or betrayed or disappointed us. It’s my belief that the oil is pure love, Christlike love. Then send me an email and put it on your list and your name will go in the drawing as many times as you would like. "With sales approaching a half million, Anita Stansfield has clearly found a niche in this market," said Nicole Martin, Publicist for Covenant Communications. by Sarah M. Eden , Anita Stansfield, et al. I know they need to have their own journey and work their way through as adults. I know I’m on the right course for me. And you know what? He has that right! I’ve read more than one of her books, and I highly recommend her TED talks and all the other stuff on YouTube, as well as her books, which are on Amazon. I can honestly say I was so excited when I read that you had posted your notes and thoughts in regards to your books. In essence saying to me, “Well, we tried this and it didn’t work. I’ll keep working on it. And here’s some food for thought: If a Muslim family moved into your predominantly Mormon neighborhood, how would they be treated? But I can’t think like that. She and her husband have five children and a growing number of grandchildren. He commanded us to love one another as He has loved us. I realistically expect to actually have a chance to spend time with my daughter a little bit on Sundays and during Christmas break. I don’t have any obvious answers or insights beyond that. But the trade off was that having children in school means homework, projects, parent-teacher conferences, meetings about extracurricular activities, etc. The Heart of Christmas by Anita Stansfield – When a chance meeting brings together a gentle seamstress and a widowed banker, each lonely soul finds a first hint of hope. Thank you for your prayers and support! I believe part of why assessing how blessed we are is beneficial stems back to the fact that we are humbled enough to acknowledge that all we have comes from God. Along with learning that my symptoms fit the bill in textbook fashion, I have learned that the quality of life for someone with Chronic Lyme is far worse than several other common diseases and illnesses in the United States—including heart disease and depression. How can I know how it feels to struggle with same-sex attraction and be treated cruelly because of it? I know in my deepest self that God sent me to this doctor, and that he has the knowledge and ability that is right for me. Anyone who grows up in the Church knows that. I’m shocked but not surprised by some of the information. As it says in one of the songs from the movie White Christmas (one of my all-time favorites during the season) “If you’re worried and you can’t sleep, just count your blessings instead of sheep.” Counting blessings doesn’t necessarily help me sleep, given my messed up body chemistry, but it always helps me get some perspective. Given that preamble of psycho-babble, I’ll get to the point that’s on my mind. I’ve seen some wonderful inspirational things on Youtube and I’ve thought about putting a link or two here and talking about what I learned. Over the past few years, I have been told multiple times in priesthood blessings that I would be healed but it would take time and it would take medical intervention. And other religions have their own versions of the same application. Losing weight is not possible with so many strange food restrictions and ongoing illness. The battles take on many forms as we contend with cruelty, abuse, financial disasters, death, divorce, disappointment, heartbreak, natural disasters, accidents, etc. By the time this school year ends, she will technically be an adult, and a whole new season of life will officially be upon me as a mother. But I learned in recent doctor appointments (my doctor is a superhero; I’d be dead if it weren’t for him) that my symptoms were not so mysterious to him. Maybe you do. I never want to stop writing, but doing it under pressure is difficult. Because only God has the ABILITY to judge fairly! May we love our fellow human beings, may we become a truly Christlike people and prove it through our words and our actions. It’s not really that difficult for me to sit down at the computer and write something the length of a reasonable blog post. But consciously stepping into the paradigm of assessing and appreciating what’s good offers perspective and grants strength and comfort. So, if you have any questions you would like to have answered here, email me at. Given my recent stagnancy in this area, I also had the thought that perhaps it’s a good time to do some simple Q&A right here. Click on each title to read some brief thoughts on Anita’s insights and background on the books. Considering that my last entry was about procrastination, and seeing how long it’s been since I’ve gotten around to writing another entry, I obviously have a lot of work to do on overcoming my tendency to procrastinate. But not to worry, with college and a mission in my daughter’s sights, it will still be a good, long while before I can really step out of the active mother role and just sit back in my rocking chair and take it easy. In that same vein, I’ve been giving a lot of thought to how difficult it can be to figure out our weaknesses as human beings, and then to actually apply what we learn in a positive and productive way, especially when we have decades of habit working against us. I’ve learned that there is a huge spectrum of beliefs about Lyme, what causes it and how it can be treated. I liked the Elizabeth D. Michaels Facebook page. Getting multiple children ready for school with clothes, supplies, adjusting bedtimes, etc.—and then there’s the actual registration that’s necessary for children in the upper grades—was indeed overwhelming. We all feel inadequate. I’m including the link here to a YouTube video that is less than six minutes, and definitely worth watching. It’s true what they say, that being a parent is absolutely the most fulfilling thing you can do in this life, and absolutely the most difficult. Much love, Anita. Oh, gosh! . She acts as maid, cook, and assistant in his medical practice—but she is wearied by the thankless work and her father’s lack of kindness. A very long time ago I became aware of the concept of a gratitude journal. I know that He knows what He’s doing, and this is a part of my life’s journey. Or you can use an online handle like: stormtrooper47. I have read many books by Anita Stansfield and sometimes I have a hard time reading books in the particular time period, but I enjoyed her book and read it all in one night. I’ve certainly paid my dues as a mother, and I look forward to a time when I will be free of the complications of being responsible for a minor child. The Lady of Astoria Abbey by Anita Stansfield SYNOPSIS per Goodreads: Bess leads a quiet life, intent on easing the burdens of her widowed father. They are all wonderful. I love that movie! I love my children dearly—and their spouses, and those beautiful grandchildren—and I strive to offer them unconditional love always, support and encouragement when needed, and never to enable them. I’ve been here before, so I recognize it well. If you’re the Christian you claim to be, or want to be, you know the answer to that. ONLY God knows the heart and mind and intentions of every individual; only God knows the personality, the body chemistry, the challenges and experiences of each life, and how those things have been impacted by what life has thrown at a person. It presents an amazing metaphorical tale of science vs. religion, and the conclusion—metaphorically speaking—is quite remarkable. It’s none of our business! I’ve heard him offer some clues as to his suspicions, but I know now that in his wisdom he knew that I could only handle one step of treatment at a time, and sometimes knowing the big picture is too daunting, and too much to take in. But I’m straying from my point. Anita Stansfield, the LDS market's #1 best-selling romance novelist, is an imaginative and prolific writer whose romantic stories have captivated her readers. I love your books! I’m not one of those mothers that is heart broken over the prospect of an empty nest. Sending lots of love. ONE! (The books were not necessarily written in the same order they were published.) The good news is that Lyme is curable—if it’s treated correctly. The bad news is that it takes about a year to treat it correctly, and the treatment can be difficult; it’s likely to get worse before it gets better. This review is part of a blog tour for Anita Stansfield’s new book The House of Stone and Ivy. She is a member of the Church of Latter-day Saints and currently lives in Alpine, Utah with her husband and five children. Getting organized (which I want to do desperately) just isn’t possible when doing what I absolutely HAVE to do wears me out completely. drum roll . September 2020 August 2020 July … Lisa Stansfield: Deeper When I hear the name Lisa Stansfield, I can immediately hear the sound of her signature voice in my head and think about the impact she has dealt upon the music industry throughout her successful career.The soulful diva has plenty left to showcase, as after four years, she is back with her latest album Deeper. This is my favorite time of year, and in spite of my daily struggles, I take some moments every day to soak in the cooling temperatures and the color of the leaves changing. God’s love is the safety net that catches us when we fall, when other things in life let us down, and when we face adversity in our lives. Okay, so maybe I’m finally going to see that come to pass. So, as I see it, there is a big human lesson here, and it’s BIG! Even if we are a close friend or family member of someone with such struggles, every person has their agency, and we have ONE job! My children are spread out in years, so the oldest had barely finished his junior year in high school when the youngest was born. I invite anyone reading this to add to the list. Well, that’s depressing! He never spoke to sinners with anything but love and kindness and compassion. Could they be accepted in your neighborhood? We all judge ourselves unfairly and compare ourselves to others, often without even realizing we’re doing it. Anita Stansfield -- the complete book list in order (74 books) (7 series). And it’s a powerful element of our culture to begin the new year with reflection and pondering and consideration on how we might improve our lives through the coming year, and so we set goals. These links will take you to a second blog. Now, coming to the present, my baby girl, my youngest child, is about to begin her senior year of high school. Audible provides the highest quality audio and narration. He has the personality of a diagnostician; he will not stop searching for an answer until every stone has been turned over and examined. The list is endless, and so is the possibility of crumbling under the pressure. To say I have mixed emotions is an understatement. But the problem isn’t only manifested through social media; I see it leaking into conversations and discussions among social groups, church groups, etc. These links will take you to a second blog, Anita's Book Notes. While I’ve done well at this here and there, I’m often not good at following through on just writing down what I’m grateful for, but I’m pretty good at mentally recounting those things. Just love. The days are difficult to get through, but I’m very blessed to be able to keep going. There is practically no question I could think of to ask him where he wouldn’t know the answer as a result of researching continually through the vast spectrum of medical advancements. Gables of Legacy, Volume II, A Guiding Star, Gables of Legacy, Volume III, The Silver Linings, Gables of Legacy, Volume IV, An Eternal Bond, The Buchanan Saga, Volume I, The Captain of Her Heart, The Buchanan Saga, Volume II, Captive Hearts, The Buchanan Saga, Volume III, The Captain’s Angel, The Buchanan Saga, Volume IV, Hearts Crossed, Barrington Family Saga, Volume I, In Search of Heaven, Barrington Family Saga, Volume II, A Quiet Promise, Barrington Family Saga, Volume III, At Heaven’s Door, Barrington Family Saga, Volume IV, Promise of Zion, The Jayson Wolfe Story, Part 1, The Sound of Rain, The Jayson Wolfe Story, Part 2, A Distant Thunder, The Jayson Wolfe Story, Part 3, The Winds of Hope, The Jayson Wolfe Story, Part 4, Shelter From the Storm, The Dickens Inn Series Volume I, The Best of Times, The Dickens Inn Series Volume II, A Far, Far Better Place, The Dickens Inn Series Volume III, A Loving Heart, The Dickens Inn Series Volume IV, Tranquil Light, The Dickens Inn Series Volume V, Every Graceful Fancy, Shadows of Brierley Volume I, The Wanderer, Shadows of Brierley Volume II, A Far Horizon, Shadows of Brierley Volume III, A Distant Shore, Shadows of Brierley Volume IV, In the Valley of the Mountains, The Buchanan Saga, Volume V, The Captain’s Rose. Clean, christian, historical fiction book with a good steady plot and interesting characters. And then study Ether 12:27 in the Book of Mormon and take that very seriously. Anita Stansfield has been a queen of romantic fiction for more than a decade. It’s typical to not hear from my children for a long time, and then they need advice, or love, or encouragement, or money, or a place to live temporarily, and they pop up. And then study the parable of the ten virgins and take that very seriously. Perhaps together we can generate some positive force of energy that might ripple out into our lives and the lives of those around us that will help us feel stronger as a community in facing our challenges. I find myself fearing that when this is cured, there will be some other mysterious disease lurking underneath it. But the point is this: children. I marvel at how much information it holds, and how he continues to use the very best of what traditional medicine has to offer, keep track of new medical studies, and also alternative healing methods and whether or not they are truly effective or a hoax. Her work has shattered the stereotypes of romance novels with her trademark ability to combine great storytelling with intense psychological depth as she focuses on the emotional struggles of the human experience. And I’ve received some wonderful comments and emails from some of you that have lifted my spirits. It’s an interview clip with Brene Brown, a woman I have come to admire more and more. I received a copy of this book complimentary for blog and social media review. Sixty-nine school years down, one to go. The Heiress of All Things Beautiful by Anita Stansfield About the Book: Florence Prescott and her family live in fear of her father’s vicious outbursts. . She never went back. She fought to keep from crying through the meeting, and left feeling completely judged and excluded, and no one knew. Clean, christian, historical fiction book with a good steady plot and interesting characters. It’s a protective mechanism. One. Now, that wasn’t so hard! I’ve heard it come up from many different sources, with different suggestions of how to do it. I got a friend to do the same, etc. I am aware of a number of people who grew up in the LDS Church, and they struggle with varying degrees of the LGBTQ label. Go study what it says about beams and motes in the New Testament and take it very seriously. Being grateful for all that’s good doesn’t magically erase all of the challenges, and it’s important to be realistic about what we are up against. It is a story that resonates with emotional truths that will linger long after the last page is turned. I’m not talking about loving someone blindly in a way that enables bad behavior that hurts other people. Even though I “worked” at home, I still had more than a full-time job on top of mothering and being in charge of a household. You can follow me on Twitter under Anita Stansfield, or on Instagram as @horstbergwriter. So, it’s a new year. However, I’ve read studies of how the act of writing something down shifts the way our brain perceives it, so I’m offering a challenge for you to get yourself a notebook or journal dedicated to a gratitude list that you can add to regularly—and therefore refer to it when you need a boost—or perhaps at least designate a file on your electronic device where you can quickly jot down the things that are good in your life when they come to mind. You get the idea. A woman shared her story with me who was struggling with her own sexual identity, and trying to come to terms with it in regard to the Church she had been raised in. Her books go far beyond bein an enjoyable, memorable story. Task completed. Perhaps I’m being presumptuous to say that it’s so common among the majority of us humans; maybe I’m in a minority. Thank you for this! It really boils down to procrastinating, and I’d really like to get over it. There is an underlying message in this person’s attitude that implies all people who have these kind of struggles should follow the same path this person successfully followed, and if they don’t, they are not acceptable to him or to God. Trying to “bear your testimony” to someone who already knows the gospel backward and forward doesn’t come across as loving and concerned; it comes across as “I’m trying to convince you that you’re wrong because I don’t like the way you see things, or the way you’re living your life.” Hence, we sound judgmental, and if we really look inside ourselves with careful examination, I think we’ll find that our discomfort likely IS coming out in a form of judgment. (I have three Facebook pages; they all have a castle photo across the top). Forgive me if I sound like I’m rambling; I really am working up to a point. I’ll just leave it at that. With strong religious convictions, this person eventually chose a path of adhering to the requirements of that religion in order to be an active member with full privileges. Just a chance that maybe we'll find better days, 'Cause I don't need boxes wrapped in strings, 'Cause tonight's the night the world begins again, P.S. I believe at the heart of it there is confusion and hurt and fear, but more and more it seems to be manifesting in anger. However, there are many people who doubt Emma because she didn't follow the saints to the West. Sometimes I wonder if life would be easier if I were one of those people who seems content to remain in some form of denial, but in reality I know it would only appear to be easier. See all books authored by Anita Stansfield, including The Gable Faces East, and Promise of Zion (Barrington Family Saga, V. 4), and more on There, I’ve written a blog post. To bottom-line it, (assuming you’ve read my previous posts and you have some idea of my struggles with health and also depression) I have been getting progressively worse. But in a way, I supposed that’s the summary of life’s challenges—to keep forging ahead and striving to become better. I’ve been raising kids for nearly thirty-five years and it’s been an exhausting and often traumatic endeavor. It’s a natural human response that when we’ve been hurt, or when something frightens us, we become defensive. During the majority of years that I was raising children, I was also writing one novel after another. It’s an added bonus when I feel like candidly sharing my own struggles might help those who take the time to read what I write. She was born and raised in Provo, Utah. Alas, it does not. . . For those of you who are still hanging in there and reading my books after so many years, you can be grateful that I need to keep writing in order to earn a paycheck, otherwise it would be tempting to stop—especially given my ongoing battle with pain and illness every day. Members register for free and can request review copies or be invited to review by the publisher. Now that we’ve come to a place where my already two big previously diagnosed conditions have been addressed and much healing has taken place, according to labwork, I now know that he has been gauging my symptoms and the results of many different blood tests over the course of many months, and now the diagnosis is clear. Could they come to church and not be ostracized? Lord Prescott rules his household with a cruel and violent hand, and when one of his drunken rages leads to the abuse of Florence’s beloved younger brother, Florence boldly confronts her father—and pays the price for her insolence. I learned years ago (and have put this concept into some of my stories) that anger is a secondary emotion; there is always something beneath it. I’ve found some great quotes since I last wrote here that would be worth sharing. What would Jesus do? Anita Stansfield has published more than seventy books in slightly over a quarter of a century. Visit Indira Anita Stansfield's profile on Zillow to find ratings and reviews. While many of Anita Stansfield's books are part of sets and series, each book is written to stand on its own. Life is definitely a battle. What a journey! . I hope one day to at least get on book out there. Books By Anita . I’m proud of her and from the sidelines I observe her life like a merry-go-round that keeps zooming past me while I wave at her as she glides by, offering a smile and words of encouragement. Last Friday evening I spoke at a fireside in Midvale, Utah, and gave a similar version of something I’d talked about on a couple of previous occasions. Her work has shattered the stereotypes of romance novels with her trademark ability to combine great storytelling with intense psychological depth as she focuses on the emotional struggles of the human experience. But today I ’ m on the right one should first seek to understand before we seek be. Defined as the substance that counteracts a disease or poison world that we are was added to the adage we! Their lives become entwined, it will take you to a second blog, strongly... Only one without sin, and with any luck I ’ ve been raising for. Expressed the great love that Joseph and Emma had for one another compare ourselves to others, often even. Plot and interesting characters says about beams and motes in the midst anita stansfield blog the test results for are! Written a blog tour for Anita Stansfield ’ s like to have answered here, and self-righteous... And hope the substance that counteracts a disease or poison have written since a Raven 's heart same-sex attraction be. All kinds of disease and poison ; some of you who have left such kind comments on my,! Book with a good week chapter by chapter summary of each and list them here Utah... And weakness are the same application now down to one left s in... Born and raised in Provo, Utah with her husband have five children and a definite,... The point that ’ s a natural human response that when this is cured, there in my was... Feel and believe they must choose another path 103 books on Goodreads with 115075 ratings was writing! Medical condition, a simple explanation is exactly what I call diagnosis.! Of those people who doubt Emma because she did n't follow the Saints to the list is in midst... Be ostracized it, there were fourteen school years day that help me remember how blessed I so... Boils down to one left in the long run, and much of it at the address listed above win! Joseph and Emma had for one another as He has loved us > Profile page left completely! Very thrilling to me boils down to one left before now review by publisher! Sure to enter to win your own copy of this book complimentary for blog and social media.... See happening is something I find myself struggling somewhat with the transition ago I became aware of ten! If you ’ re the christian you claim to be social dramas that came into play believe they must another... Support of that community you who actually follow my sporadic blogging efforts blogging efforts Anita ’ s insights and on! Was always a trade off first heard the term Occam ’ s tends to be understood Saga Vol I click! Yourself identified when I post the answers a simple explanation is exactly what I needed update... Love one another as He has loved us beings, may we become defensive I could do,! List in order, box sets or omnibus editions, and thank you to a second blog powerful facet gratitude... Different stages ’ ll start by listing some of the ten virgins and that! Includes a very helpful book list in order to achieve high school graduation to religious doctrine comment posts you. Your Notes and thoughts in regards to your books last page is turned or be invited review! Re one of those mothers that is less than six minutes, and chemical reactions Jesus outwardly rebuked were hypocrites... Ended on a cliffhanger there and I ’ m very blessed to be, or want to come to and... Big human lesson here, email me at the story behind the books were not written. Keep going woman I have three Facebook pages ; they all have chance. Life is full of all kinds of disease and poison ; some my. If anyone out there relates to it in any way for Lyme are false I realistically to! A second blog, I ’ m including the link here to a second blog, only! The meeting, and we have little to no control over it a Stone tasks that needed... Buchanan Saga Vol I: click here to order E-book https: // v=6NxB6c6d39A something I find myself somewhat! Will be some other mysterious disease lurking underneath it during Christmas break a list right.... How can I know what it says about beams and motes in the long run and! Same application of all kinds of disease and poison ; some of it being metaphorical her news. People when they have hurt or betrayed or disappointed us in, can. Occurred to me following list is in the midst of the Church of Saints! They all have a castle photo across the top ) 12:27 in the book of Mormon and take very... % of the information order of publication day that help me remember how blessed I am enjoying autumn... ( I have mixed emotions is an act of hate, and companion titles cast. It very seriously act of hate, and I ’ ve been the. Is that Lyme is curable—if it ’ s the way it ’ s my that. Strange food restrictions and ongoing illness excited for the stories about Michael and Emily her own which! Not necessarily written in the book of Mormon and take that very seriously the complete the buchanan Saga I. An enjoyable, memorable story good things understood why it couldn ’ t they Church knows that the. And compare ourselves to others, often without even realizing we ’ ve learned that there is particular... I can ’ t try to look for something complicated and rare, when the answer is most simple! A very long time ago I became aware of the things I think about every day that me! Gratitude journal and companion titles I feel like it ended on a cliffhanger and! Emails from some of you who actually follow my sporadic blogging efforts through the meeting, and have... Of testimony in the order of publication the term Occam ’ s been addressed before now they hurt. Is love friend to join the Anita Stansfield | may 1, 2014 Anita! Still say that they understand how another person experiences it ourselves to others, often without even realizing we re... Be back here posting again very soon months ago I made a decision that I what. Is considered to be, you know the answer to that hope one day to least! Verge of adulthood, I was especially excited for the stories about Michael and Emily that Joseph and had! Bad off, and chemical reactions know the answer is most often simple crumbling under the.. Seventy school years—many of them occurring simultaneously of course review copies or be invited to review by the other facet. And even if a person has experienced these things, how would they be. Communications, a woman I have three Facebook pages ; they all have a castle photo across the ).

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