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Our History

From 1997-2001 Kirk Bedrossian founder of Bradford Coffee, traveled throughout the world learning the coffee business through his father.  Spending time in Costa Rica, Indonesia, Guatemala, Vietnam, Colombia, and 20 other coffee growing regions.  It was at this moment that he decided to return to Los Angeles and start Bradford Coffee Roasters.

2001Founding of Bradford Coffee

First small batch roaster to develop handcrafted coffees. First 5lb vertical form fill seal machine.

2003Addition of more machines

Added a second 4 bag machine to maintain customer demand.  Added additional automated packaging lines and 2 additional roller mills.

2004Instant Coffee Line

Developed a high quality instant coffee line, with special zip loc see through packaging.


  • Fresh roast and pack:
    All our coffees are roasted and packed immediately utilizing valve packaging.
  • Blend after Roast:
    We never pre-blend our coffees before roast.  Every coffee has it’s optimal roasting method, and we blend after roast all our coffees blends.