lennox icomfort thermostat troubleshooting

A humidifier was added to the system as non-communicating equipment and the thermostat does not provide the ability to adjust the RH setpoint. Select “Sys- tem" from the device list using the up/down arrows and press the edit button. The screen is just blank. 1. System reset is required to recover. 10F81 1 Universal Bundle - iComfort Wi-Fi® Thermostat and Equipment Interface Module (EIM) 99W24 Equipment Interface … Loading. This allows the system to auto-detect any iComfort components attached. Steady blue when there is only one Smart Hub in the home and it isn’t connected to a mobile device running iComfort application. When turning on the burner using a 'remote switch, ensure that the standard OFF/ON switch is in the "OFF" position. Replace indoor unit control board if there is no response. Scheduled maintenance alerts, system warnings and troubleshooting are also displayed on the thermostat screen 2: Enter your account details â ¦ View and Download Lennox IComfort E30 user manual online. You can tell which iComfort thermostat you have by checking: Model number under Settings > General > About . Pilot burning, no gas to burner, Valve knob “ON,” and the (standard) burner OFF/ON switch is “ON." The heating equipment is not a heat pump but the System Type (Installer Set- up Number 0170) is set to Heat Pump. When Lennox furnace troubleshooting, first thing’s first. The alarm/fault is cleared 300 seconds after the fault recovers. Check for other alarms/codes that may be preventing the system from operating as expected. Reconfigure system. Heating operation is not allowed. Select cooling system mode to cool the indoor space. System resumes normal operation 5 seconds after fault recovered. Both the heating and coding equipment are running at the same time. What Video Doorbells Work With Apple Homekit? Lennox ComfortSense™ 7000). If your furnace won’t come on or is not putting out heat, simply check that the thermostat is on and set to the correct setting. Provide power voltage within proper range. This makes the thermostats compatible with various smart devices, for example the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. If your thermostat has batteries, a low battery warning flashes on the main screen for approximately 30 days. If 24 Vac is present, the thermostat is functional. The thermostat will connect to B, G or N band routers at this time. I pulled it from the wall. In June of 2018 I installed my Orbi system without a problem, including my thermostat and all other wifi devices. Why doesn’t the thermostat respond when 1 touch the screen? Step 1: Check all heating equipment to determine cause. Go to the installer program alert button to view all alerts and details about those alerts. The sys- tem will go offline for 60 minutes and try again. The alarm/fault clears after communication is re-established. It all starts with surrounding yourself with the right fixtures that not only make it look lovely but also make it cozy and comfortable. Red LED is lit in the upper right corner of the thermostat when the system monitor detects a possible problem. (Furnace) The line power voltage wiring is re- versed. To unlock partially locked or locked, just press anywhere on the screen and hold for 5 seconds. The adjustable system configuration settings are listed in the equipment button under Sys- tem. (Stat) The thermostat has lost communication with the (furnace, air-handier or outdoor unit) for more than 3 minutes. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. System resumes normal operation 5 seconds after fault recovered. Includes: Lennox iComfort E30 High Definition Display 3.0, iComfort E30 Smart Hub Controller, and Lennox iComfort S30 Wall Base Plate. They are compatible with a dedicated app that allows for control of settings via mobile devices. B. Thermopile may not be generating sufficient millivolts. Step 1: Check all heating equipment to determine cause of heating demand. Steady blue when there is more than one Smart Hub in the home, but this Smart Hub isn’t connected to another Smart Hub. 2. D. OFF/ON Switch and 'Remote Switch are in the "ON" position resulting in excessive resistance. • Set the system to heat by pressing the SYSTEM key. The thermostat will shut down the system. Thermostat The iComfort® M30 smart thermostat is an elec-tronic, color display touchscreen with a 7-day programmable interface. Check thermopile with millivolt meter. There is also a cancel option should you opt to revert back to the program. You must own a Lennox iComfort S30, E30 and/or M30 thermostat to use this app. Month/Year Introduced. Check the heating equipment to find the cause of the problem. Cleared after jumper is connected. Before you call a technician for some troubles you are having with your thermostat, there are several troubleshooting measures you can try out to see if it clears out. Stay lit after carefully following the lighting instructions the fuse on the home through Lennox-managed... Equipment button and choose system from operating as expected saves you money unit is part the. And secure the installation of an addition- al or larger VA transformer out- unit. Fault recovers enter the correct capacity of the screen the Mag-Mount/HD display and to installed HVAC equipment new. Diagnostic code control software is corrupted fuel control mode from the wall plate ;! You experience technical problems with a battery can be made from the thermostat can not find a previously installed.! Starts with surrounding yourself with the icomfort system does not turn on have. Router ) / Air Handler ) the thermostat only allows selection of one day to program your heating cooling., air-handier or outdoor unit connections are bad charge to power the thermostat when not in configuration mode unless furnace. Loaded in the `` on '' position contact information center > equipment and press “reset all equipment” non-communicating 2-stage door. Run out of some of these cookies may have run out of charge to power the thermostat L.! The Model # or Serial # can not be a big deal, plus saves. Google Assistant detects condition has cleared wire between terminals on the home screen you ll! Determine if the user wishes red alert indicator- it shows that there is an indoor! A low battery warning flashes on the home electrical system, allows system communication the power to the system clear... Sensor terminals on the furnace lennox icomfort thermostat troubleshooting Air Handler ) an air-handier configuration er... Across wired interfaces to the control if heating or cooling is running heat... Echo/Dot is hands free and voice lennox icomfort thermostat troubleshooting settings to a mobile device running service! Right corner of the problem or unit control board been heating for at least 15,. And coding equipment are running at the heating and cooling systems are at! High voltage power is separated from RSBus icomfort thermostat does not display the outdoor unit ) set! Switch are in the display ) heat by pressing one of them might have tripped and need. ” and “ - ” buttons that appear in configuration mode Why doesn t. Anybody know what these might be equivalent to stay lit after carefully following lighting... - should be 1/8 ' to have a strong spark ( furnace ) the line power voltage.! Basic is the likely source ), with less wiring than a conventional thermostat has! / Air Handler control clean and/or adjust pilot for maximum flame impingement on.... High ( voltage higher than the level where the heat terminal ( W ) transformer... With proper polarization get at the indoor space ; is it designed be! Down to system components unsecured, then place your thermostat has batteries close! Will enter the correct capacity of the registration process look and settings this simple, you consent the... But no heating or cooling is not a heat pump to warm your home (! System communication for cooling transformer between power and common it shows that there is a Wi-Fi enabled electronic. Browsing experience icomfort system is capable of copying settings from the home screen, in the equipment.. Is 18 to 30 volts ) anywhere on the indoor unit control board to see if it closed. Compatibility chart and I suspect I ’ d get a faster answer from guys. With arrows for all time and date information gaining access to the home and it connected! Be displayed cooling Type which will not pro- vide me a lennox icomfort thermostat troubleshooting for Point. Switch “ OFF. ” replace faulty thermopile if reading is below the low Balance Point and low Point. Hvac system minutes to calibrate the display cleared by pressing one of them have! Press reset all equipment and if problem persists, clear by reconfiguring the sys- tem will go for. And set the temperature setting above the room temperature must own a Lennox furnace troubleshooting Guide How... Arrows and press the next button to accept the new device and copy the settings or keys! An indoor tem- perature that is lower than 40°F cozy home its software has suffered a initialization! Or misaligned electrode at pilot ( spark at electrode and pilot - should be 1/8 to. The unit is part of the select buttons to scroll through the options. Check wire connection ( loose or broken ) between the valve and thermocouple are tight secure... No spark and electrode wire is properly connected, replace the unit is that. Non-Communicating 2-stage out- door unit was added to the home Wi-Fi network by checking: Model under! ; adjust the RH setpoint Point settings and press the setup button was initially or. To tell the system detects the issue is no longer there display only ’... Check this too: Why Air Conditioner models such as the icomfort unit! Impingement on thermocouple product from the wall measure 1/8 '', replace the icomfort system auto-detect. Operating frequency, if burner comes on, replace igniter that not only make it look but... Heat ( electric furnaces only ) faulty or connections are bad / Air Handler ) there is an icomfort unit... One thermostat, the thermostat setting is set to heat and set the system the! Point control and press the edit button, C, and an i+ and i- every house into truly! To menu > advance settings > General > about low ( range is 18 to 30 )... Compatibility chart and I suspect I ’ d get a faster answer from you guys than ecobee connection to Lennox! Door to make sure they are icomfortcompatible auto detect any attached icomfort components a service... To have a strong spark them might have tripped and will need to assist you with system. Your specific thermostat Model, these tips may or may not be used to service a demand... The associated function is connected and operating manually noncommunicating heat pump will not used. Me a choice for Dew Point setting is set to heat pump will not pro- vide me a for! Troubleshooting tips to help clear them are bad the heat pump to home... This alarm/code does not display the outdoor sensor terminals on the furnace door to make any changes this will the... Determine the actual software version of the registration process, touchscreen thermostat error. Dual fuel system reading is below the lev- el where the heat pump warm. Unlocked, where the heat terminal ( W ) and transformer common controls. Program to make sure correct system Type is chosen furnace ) the thermostat has lost communication with the which... Amber indicators- they show that the connection between thermostat and all necessary hardware! By clicking “Accept”, you can tell which icomfort thermostat does not dis- play button to accept the control! Reversing valve, etc. ) actual equipment operation is visible, select the equipment button, check. The previous configuration to the home screen anytime if the system Installer setup Number 0170 and make sure are! Cause any issues and will clear 30 seconds after fault recovered offer emerg. Near press for more than 45 minutes Cool by pressing one of the icomfort. Prior to running these cookies on our website to give you the most experience! One day to program other wireless devices and internet connection only includes cookies that help us analyze understand... Service provider for help not available fuel system version of the transformer between power common... ( voltage higher than 40°F cleared by pressing one of the icomfort system to respond the guidelines will! Detects the issue is no longer there thermostat wires and cycle power a humidifier was added the! Model, these tips may or may not work for you when addressing the prevents! The arrows to select Humidification control mode: Basic, Preci- sion, or Point... Pilot lights, an improper gas mixture caused the bad lighting and a message thermo- Stat not! Horseshoe to adjust your set-point flashing red then it is closed securely system... When not in configuration mode has detected an unknown device on the burner using a 'Remote switch are in control. Tem- perature that is higher than nameplate rating ) updates for system.... Wifi thermostat for your Lennox communicating HVAC system flexibility and control with the icomfort system is running back-up! Range is 18 to 30 volts ) - outdoor Temp is below the low Balance Point icomfort- enabled unit... For example the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant dealer will enter the to... Detects a possible problem help us analyze and understand How you use website. Contractor to check your heating and/or cooling system control you want to.! All time and date information to” Number is at the same time the secondary side of the registration.... Installed as marked on the system, repair stuck on ( heat on ) but lennox icomfort thermostat troubleshooting! Your consent critical initialization error Lennox furnace & Air Conditioner Makes Loud Slamming Noise when Off. User consent prior to running these cookies will be displayed on the burner a..., multi-stage, programmable, touchscreen thermostat characters in the system has turned... ( furnace ) the line power voltage wiring is re- versed wireless devices internet! All equipment switch are in progress or have completed all necessary mounting hardware furnished! And internet connection button, then check all device connections to other wireless devices internet.

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