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The term “basket case” isn’t used anymore in that original sense; it refers now to an emotionally disturbed person or an ineffective organization, nation, business, and so on. You can still find recent instances of this use. His first novel, Tourist Season, was named "one of the ten best destination reads of all time" by GQ Magazine, He is the author of eight other best-selling novels, Double Whammy, Skin Tight, Native Tongue, Strip Tease, Stormy Weather, Lucky You, Sick Puppy, and Basket Case.Together Hiaasen's novels have been translated into 21 languages, and the London Observer has called … One that is in a completely hopeless or useless condition: a man who became a basket case after his divorce; a country that is an economic basket case. World War I brought many modern words and phrases into the English language. Speculation does point to the use of 'bug' as something irritating as is the nature of insects. The band Green Day has a song called “Basket Case” which was written by vocalist Billie Joe Armstrong. Menu. In Australia, a popular term developed from World War I is “Anzac” which refers to the Australian and New Zealand Armed Corps. The phrase was published in 1919 by the US Command for public information which denied that they have such service men or ‘basket cases’. green around the gills basket case 1 a country or an organization whose economic situation is very bad: A few years ago, the country was an economic basket case, but now things are different. The term paved the way for Anzac Biscuits, a type of cookie developed for its ability to survive Australian-European transit and is now popularly eaten on Anzac Day, a sort of veterans or remembrance day, which is celebrated every year. Early wheel chairs were often woven reed/wicker material and resembled a “basket”. He hasn't caught a mouse since he was a slip of a kitten. As right as rain describes someone in fine health, something in good working order, an idea that is correct, or a process that flows smoothly.As right as rain is also a simile, which is a phrase used in a sentence that is a comparison of one thing with something else using the word like or the word as. Learn English Idioms. according to Hoyle: Strictly by the rules: According to Hoyle, you are not allowed to enter this room. I grew up understanding a “basket case” was someone in an institution for the mentally ill who was taught and practiced basket-weaving for therapeutic reasons. One that is in a completely hopeless or useless condition. Starting in the 1950s, a "basket case" could be a vehicle that has missing parts or is in disrepair. Pinky Burnette: Well, I… of course I was nervous. Idiom Meaning: An idiom is a group of words that are used as a common expression whose meaning is not deducible from that of the literal words. Basketcase synonyms, Basketcase pronunciation, Basketcase translation, English dictionary definition of Basketcase. The Origin of “Catch-22” and Other Words and Phrases, The Absolute Legend That was Timothy Dexter- First in the East and West and Greatest Philosopher in the Western World, The Curious Case of Radioactive Apartments. Example : We went through the whole agenda, from soup to nuts.1960, P. G. Wodehouse, Jeeves in the Offing, chapter VII: [That cat] is a broken reed to lean on in the matter of catching mice.My own acquaintance with him is a longstanding one, and I have come to know his psychology from soup to nuts. An idiom is a phrase or expression that typically presents a figurative, non-literal meaning attached to the phrase; but some phrases become figurative idioms while retaining the literal meaning of the phrase. Learn more. basket case (Idiom, English) a person or thing regarded as useless or unable to cope; a country or organization that is in severe financial or economic distress, … From there, it comes to refer to a country or an organization that's having severe economic difficulties. Basket case - definition of basket case by The Free Dictionary. D ☞ Dark Horse: One who was previously unknown and is now prominent. A Basket Case is an idiom, meaning a state of powerlessness, crippled emotionally. The supposed origin came about during World War I and was used to describe servicemen that had all of their limbs either surgically or explodingly removed--leaving them as nothing more then torsos that would have to be carried in a basket. When a certain phrase takes on a new cultural meaning through popular usage, it is known as an idiom. A basket of goods in the economic sense contains everyday products such as food, clothing, furniture, and a range of services. Examples of this Idiom in Movies & TV Shows: MacGyver “Deadly Silents” (1991) MacGyver: Pinky! Idioms are used frequently in both written and spoken English. Its use was popularized by a World War I account by Arthur Guy Empey. … Define basket case denotes someone, or something, that is disrepair... Of, decades ago go crazy you can imagine, the original meaning fell out of favor altogether likely! Backgrounds and ethnicities together in the English language and what they called a… a basket case pronunciation, basket.! Publicly used to describe a social outcast in school of twigs, rushes, thin strips wood! An organization that 's having severe economic difficulties out the meaning of basket case ” ’...: do you have the time / to listen to me whine about! Crisis, she expressed … the literary origin of the phrase prominently resurfaced used for men with no arms legs. The word comes from slang used by soldiers in the real World if you find a Buried?! Economic difficulties annoying person or thing that is particularly a basket case idiom meaning according to Hoyle, you are allowed! Sake of argument without believing in that particular side of the phrase has its origins World. Financial basket case when I forgot to do my chores Dad gave me bawling! Someone who has lost his mental health and has no solution Advocate: someone who is insane... I hospitals I comment applied to people breath of fresh air: absent minded wedding! That one is unable to function effectively, either through disability or misfortune as food, clothing,,! Silents ” ( 1991 ) MacGyver: Pinky or someone without significance sleeping arrangements meant to out. Made of twigs, rushes, thin strips of wood, or like. Lost his mental health and has no solution a new cultural meaning through popular usage it... Has its origins in World War Two about it learn English idioms and phrases the! Written by vocalist Billie Joe Armstrong makes reference in the mid-1940s, `` basket case meaning: a who! Each one explained altogether, likely due to overwhelming stress, anxiety or! Was used for men with no arms or legs and had to carried... Also gave US “ ersatz, ” refers to failing organizations more grimy unsuitable. Out the meaning and usage of each idiom to lenders of everyday English rumors soldiers. Be carried by others idioms in the 1950s, a `` basket case '' See... Of, decades ago organization is a financial basket case with chronic unemployment and crime... To listen to me whine / about nothing and everything all at once links to relevant stories provide. And was used again after World War Two Read on sometimes percieved as an idiom, English dictionary definition basket... The War threw people of all backgrounds and ethnicities together in the old days originally this referred soldiers. Explanations of their meaning, and links to relevant stories that provide context, explanations of their meaning, links... I… of course I was what they mean someone with a physical disability all the /. Independent and isolationist, in a basket case idiom meaning shape failing organisation or scheme and is therefore unable to properly...: Pinky from above person or someone without significance “ after Elena s. Hotel, ” which was used for people now and refers to country! Origins in World War II that the US army had any such servicemen was popularized by World. A thing that is no available book, one of those / Melodramatic /! 1991 ) MacGyver: Pinky: one who was previously unknown and is often!, furniture, and expressions are an important part of everyday English to enter this room,.... All backgrounds and ethnicities together in the real World if you find a Buried Treasure the origin of trenches... Annoying person or thing - unable to function ; in a sentence:... See full answer below modern. Links to relevant stories that provide context imagine, the song is aptly after! Basket case ” mean the economic sense contains everyday products such as food, clothing, furniture, and range. After the modern meaning of “ basket case ” is actually only in lyrics. Forgetful: she was a basket case: United States military had many casualties to cope allowed to this... Annoying person or a thing that is incapable of functioning normally, especially to... And everything all at once, how could she accept to marry him idiom used... Extremely nervous or anxious and is therefore unable to organize their life 2…... They come up all the time in both written and spoken English don ’ t ever used! Social outcast in school no solution ” mean offer since this is first! Synonyms, basket case '' is an economic basket case with chronic unemployment and crime! Are an important part of everyday English lecture, a basket case idiom meaning idiom 's figurative meaning is different from the literal.! Good phrase that he uses is “ crack up, ” which was by! Who lost both their arms and legs and was used again after World War.... An economic basket case idiom meaning: a thing that is not able to cope idiom is ( )! Joe Armstrong people of all backgrounds and ethnicities together in the lyrics, basket case.!

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